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Help needed here

If you have any information, stories, photos about anything you would like to share please send to me for our readers. Information or a big deal, big outdoor music event, please tell us about it, thanks. We can publish it for you. Thank you.

interested> if interested and any ideas how I can put this together, thanks.


My thoughts is that you not have to spend any money to be a partner. you would need to contribute a certain amount a month to enhance this site. Then you would be a partner and participate in the profits. What are your ideas? Comments


I’m seeking partners that know how to build WordPress Pages. Your job is to build a word press page and send to me. Once approved it will be published here and you will be paid. I have not figured out how much I can afford to pay yet? Drop me a line and tell me what you would charge /  possible with graphics. Thank you.</a>

 At present I am receiving no income from this website, and never have. But now I am offering advertising so hopefully we will grow and have some income to keep this site going.

All editorials will receive credit. . . .

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