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If you have any information, stories, photos about anything you would like to share please send to me for our readers. Information or a big deal, big outdoor music event, please tell us about it, thanks. We can publish it for you. Thank you.

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I have been building this website since the beginning of the internet. In fact, I have had this dream before the internet even started.  I thought this may be a way to raise the funds to make my dream “World Record Event” come true. I have had a couple people say “How about a donate button and I would donate.”  I am 78 now and running out of time. This website,, has been a lot of work, but a lot of fun. I am amazed that I have had over 30,000,000 million visitors since I started the counter a few years ago. It has continued to evolve and will continue to evolve as long as I can handle it. I have had tons of messages in the past. One man said he had been looking for something all over the internet and came to my site and not only found what he had been looking for but spent another 4 hours browsing the content. Ha ha. Well I’ll tell you this, I will continue to build this information site and am now accepting advertising for the first time starting Jan 1, 2018. I have never brought in a nickle, but now I can only continue if I can get some financial help. I would like some partners. So I have an idea . . .  I need help from people who can build websites and be able to  manage a few subjects on my site on a part time basis. So, any ideas how I could bring on some contributing partners?  I truly believe that with some good help this can be one of the top sites in the world. Thank you for visiting and for your contribution. Click here if you are interested to be more involved in this site and possible be a partner. If you have any ideas how I could like have up to 100 partners that can also be involved with handling more content etc. Thank you. I am willing to give 40 % of this business to be in contributing partners hands. Click here <interested> if interested and any ideas how I can put this together, thanks.


My thoughts is that you not have to spend any money to be a partner. you would need to contribute a certain amount a month to enhance this site. Then you would be a partner and participate in the profits. What are your ideas? Comments


I’m seeking partners that know how to build WordPress Pages. Your job is to build a word press page and send to me. Once approved it will be published here and you will be paid. I have not figured out how much I can afford to pay yet? Drop me a line and tell me what you would charge /  possible with graphics. Thank you. ><a href=""></a>

 At present I am receiving no income from this website, and never have. But now I am offering advertising so hopefully we will grow and have some income to keep this site going.

All editorials will receive credit. . . .