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1981 CHB Family Cruiser $55,500 by owner only at that price.

First off, this vessel is for sale $55,500 FROM ME ONLY at that price... It is for sale through a broker for $73,00 but I have a open listing with them which allows me to also be able to sell it with no commission to any broker. It is in WA State and slip fee’s are $380 a month in a very secure and really nice marina and very safe. It is close to getting to the San Juan Islands or the many water ways around Seattle, WA. If I don’t sell it by beginning of May 2017 I will then be bringing it down to Southern California where I live. I will take it to San Diego via the ocean. If I take it to California the price will go up considerably. It is hard for me anymore to get up to WA to use the boat. It is a great boat and in good ready to go most anywhere condition. See more at:

Hello my name is Captain Chuck and yes I am a United States Coast Guard Licensed Captain 100 ton+ licensed and have been for quite some time. I am in the process of rebuilding this website. It has been an awesome website in the past but it has been a long time since I was involved in it.  Now I would hope you will come back and visit and look around while you are here, as it continues to develop and grow and taken to a greater height. This site was originally intended to be about my World Record Breaking Event (which will be incredible awesome one day and hopefully soon) that I dreamed up quite a while ago and life kind of got in the way. I could not devote much time to it for a vary long time. Now I am in a little better position to go forward with it but I still need help. Also I had someone build this website for me a long time ago and now I am trying hard to do this myself. Quite a learning process. 

I love how so many have visited this site and still do and visitors growing daily. I hope to be able one day to reward everyone for their interest by making this a super site. By the way please send your editorials or great information you would like to share with the world. I want to devote as much full time to keep this site growing. Any financial help appreciated so I will be adding a PayPal Contribution Button.

I will soon be going after sponsor’s/advertisers very soon. Any help in that area appreciated. I would like to have as much feedback from you as possible. This site is now a dual purpose site. My World Record Breaking Event. Great information here and will continue to grow. Thank you for your support by visiting this site and I hope you will continue to do so as we are growing at a faster rate now.


Captain Chuck

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