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1981 CHB Family Cruiser $73,500 by owner only at that price.

First off, this vessel is for sale $73,500 FROM ME ONLY at that price... It is for sale through a broker for more money, but I have a open listing with them which allows me to also be able to sell it with no commission to any broker. It is in Southern Calif (Chula Vista) near San Diego, CA.  and in a very secure and really nice marina and very safe. It is in a live-a-board slip with an awesome unlimited view. Really nice restaurant on the premises. Hey try the boaters special 2 eggs, hash browns, bacon or sausage, toast all for $5.99. I did just bring it down from Poulsbo WA and that was a 1600 mile trip. I would have no problem taking it anywhere. It is that strong and in that good of shape. Holds 400 gallons of fuel. So It is a great boat and in good ready to go most anywhere condition. Add a few 5 gallon spare tanks and it is an easy 1,000 mile vessel on fuel. Burns around 2.5 – 3.5 gallons an hour. I can average 7.5 to 10 MPG. so 1000 miles x 2.5 = 400 gallons. See more at:

Hello my name is Captain Chuck and yes I am a United States Coast Guard Licensed Captain 100 ton+ licensed and have been for quite some time.

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Captain Chuck

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