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Welcome to my “World Record Breaking Event” Home Page. Still under revision. Everything you see may not be connected to where it should be. Especially at the top of the front page. But many are connected. Here you will find so many things (some now and much more coming soon). I am Captain Chuck. I could use some help in building this website. This photo of me was taken last summer 2017 in Mexico. Today is August 28, 2018.

ABOUT ME: I have owned and edited this website since its inception which was around the beginning of the internet. Yep I’m old but I love it all. You name it (just about) and I will want to publish that information for the world or those that seek all the information I can get. My problem is that running out of time (I’m 79 yo male) (Yes, handsome, healthy, golfer) Yep that’s me. I feel great most of the time. But I am overloaded as I like too many  things. I don’t mean to brag just telling you who I am. But I am a one women guy. I am not married. Never fooled around when I was married, just saying. That is the kind of guy I am. Not perfect but not a liar and very honest to my mate when I have one.

I have been a United States Coast Guard Licensed Captain since 1985. I am also a very experienced Ocean going Captain. Serious experience. I was in the Worlds Deadliest Catch business for 6 years way back in the day, late 1970-1980s. The King Crab Industry in Alaska, was and is the Worlds most dangerous job. Yep quite an experience. It was so bad that you cannot really understand unless you were there and did it. You can watch the movies on TV about the TV Shows about Worlds Deadliest Catch, but unless you were on a serious vessel that was out there. It really cannot be explained as to what you had to go through to not only make money but to just survive. Am I lucky to be here and alive, you bet I am and i am very grateful that I made it. BUT would I give up the experiences I had, if I had it to do over, NO-WAY.

I have skippered boats including up to 200 passengers and 200 feet long and just about everything in-between From Mississippi to Alaska and everywhere in-between. . Power, Sail etc. I have owned many boats. Now I am boat-less (by choice). BUT I do know how to run a vessel in just about any conditions. DO YOU NEED A CAPTAIN TO TEACH YOU HAW TO RUN A BOAT PROPERLY? Give me a call, I might just be available. I knot(oops)- not long ago, brought a 43′ foot vessel from WA State to Sand Diego California by-my-self. It was a great trip, almost. But I am here as I do know what I am doing. Not for the faint of heart. What kind of vessel do want me to bring down from Alaska, or Washington or Oregon. Your vessel safe with me.

I am also a Plumeria Expert. I at one time had over 4,000 Plumeria in Sana Barbara, Calif., where I used to live and play a lot of golf. I at one time was down to a 3 handicap. Now about a 6 hdc. I did win a couple big tournaments there. And yes I have won a couple big tournaments here in the Rancho Mirage, Calif., area. I am hoping to win the biggest Am Tour Golf Tournament of the year next month. Yes Fred Couples and I have talked quite a bit back in those days when he also lived in Santa Barbara. There were quite a few celebrities that lived in Santa Barbara or visited there often and I have had the pleasure to talk to many of them. Believe it or not, I once played black jack with Elvis Presley. I was once in the Screen Extras Guild and was looking forward to getting into the Screen Actors guild. But life changes and changes and changes all our lives and we move on. Some people put up with a lot of stuff in their lives to get ahead. Well, I have put up a lot, but not over the top stuff. So I move on & on & on. I will not stop living, I love adventure. I am, 78, 172 lbs, male, gray hair, and it is all there and always has been. I am not a writer. Just trying to get my message out to whoever might be interested to work with me to do many things and has a lot of money. Male or female. My next adventures do not need to be death defying things. There is a lot to do without putting your life on the line. Yes I did say that I brought a 43′ vessel down from WA State by-my-self and yes that was a very dangerous thing to do and I feel very fortunate that I have the experience that i do or I would never had attempted to do that.

I do have many talents and do not mean to brag, well yes I guess but the truth is what it is. I just want you to know who I am. I love tropical birds and have owned many. I love artistic painting and have painted many paintings. So having done so many things what now? I need someone that has serious money, that has serious interest to do? I AM a male and not  gay. I am as straight as it gets. But what you are is your business and I have no problem with that. Young or old, lets do some fun things. I did and have talked to quite a few celebrities in my time. I am lucky or have just been in the right place at the right time. But we make our own luck I believe.

Ok, what am I doing here writing all this stuff. ??? Not sure, just trying to say what is on my mind. I believe there is lots of life left, i just want to be able to enjoy it NOW like it should be enjoyed. It take mucho bucks to enjoy it fully.

NOW COMES THE BEST PART. This website will be huge again one of these days. I want to have the best of articles about just about anything that you want to see and read and nay articles that you don’t even know about that you will want t0 read and see. STAY Tuned. . . It is coming soon. .

While on these subjects, YES, YOU YOUNG PEOPLE” YOU ARE THE FUTURE< now is a much different time in our/your lives then it ever has been in the past and this time in your live will never been here again.. This world and this country USA is changing fast. And this country needs you to be involved as much as possible. Don’t just let others make your decisions. Yes YOUR VOTE counts. Do it for yourself, your future, and the rest of this country’s future. You do make a difference. If you like what is going on and do not have an opinion, then fine, OK, just forget it. Let others make the decisions.  Then one day when you say shit, what is happening, and what has happened to this country, it will be too late for you to make a difference. Just a quick overview and i have not been very involved in the past about elections, etc and my fault, but I now realize how it is so important to be even a small part of this future. All the small parts will become a big part one day. Do it for yourself and your children one day. Oh ya, you are young and having a ball. Wow, growing up is really neat. I have so much life ahead, right, life seemed to go fast. Then one day you are 25? The you are 35? Then 45? wow, life goes really fast when you look back. Unreal. What was the saying, “Life Fast and Die Young? BS, no-one I know want to die young. There is so much to do in life. The older you get the more you know and the more most people want. OK, I have gotten carried away, and I hope it does some good and I hope everyone that is reading this lives to a ripe old age and has a ton of fun in your life, IF you know how to live? Good luck or make your own luck . . . whew, and wow I am tired now. . . . I have to get out of this chair and do some exercises. Have a good one. . .

Coming soon. Captain Chuck is trying very hard to make serious changes to this website. I am relearning as fast as i can. Thanks and stay tuned. Please book mark my site. You won’t be disappointed in the future. There is so much coming, and your input is welcome and if you have any stories, especially with pics or videos, send them in to me.
Captain Chuck


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