Golf Channel AM Tour

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By the way, if you sign up for the Golf Channel Am Tour, pleas tell them your found them through me. World Record thank you.

Ok all you golfers, this new site is coming your way. I am the owner of this “WorldRecordEvent” website. I am a 78 … 1/25/40 …y.o. male and I golf a couple times a week or more when I can. (Hey I just shot 76 finally under my age 1st time to break 80 since I started playing again 3 years+). I am a 12 hdc now and much improvement lately.  I had a 17 hdc (handicap) about 3-4 months ago. I am trying to get down to about a 7-9 hdc. How have I improved my game? By practicing my short game. I have always been a long driver (my average now is down to 230 yards with a gentle fade. I aim a bit left side of the course and if it goes straight then that is fine and if it fades then I am still Ok. Practicing my game from 150 yards, 60 yards, 20 yards, and from 3-10 feet off the green.  This is a big deal, at least for me. For most golfers that is where we get into trouble. Around the green is awesome to have those shots in your bag. One putting is what we seek. So your short chips are sooo important.

Sand traps scare the hell out of many golfers. The only thing a pro ever taught me when I was around 18 years old was how to get out of sand traps. He had been a Ryder Cup Captain and then the pro at the Woodland Hills Country Club in Southern California. I have almost always had no problem since getting out of  sand traps next to the greens or fairway bunkers. Practice practice practice like they say is important. How often you play is also of course important. Back yard practice is always good as well. Any practice helps. I will continue to enhance this golfing part of my website as soon as I can

I love this Golf Channel Am Tour – the AM stands for Amateur – And it is for men and women of all ages. Example – There is a 10 year old here in Rancho Mirage that is in the Hogan or Palmer flight that wins often, he is very good and getting better.  You do not join to go on a tour, you play in your town for one event or go out of town to another Am Golf Tournament whenever you want where a tournament is being played. Usually one day events. There are Majors that are usually 2 days event. There are Nationals which are usually 3 days tournaments. Ok an example of last Sunday’s Am Golf Channel Tournament held at: Palm Springs Indian Canyons North Course, Palm Springs, CA March 5, 2017.

What is the Golf Channel Amateur Tour?

Golf Channel Amateur Tour is the largest amateur golf tour in North America and the only tour powered by Golf Channel. Am Tour provides an authentic TOUR-style tournament golf experience to players of all ages and abilities, allowing golfers to compete with others at their skill level, gain access to top golf courses in their area and across the country. Here is an example of the Palm Springs Open last Sunday. Played at the Indian Canyons North Course, Palm Springs, CA, March 5, 2017. I must admit the scores were a bit unusual in the Sarazen Flights. They were a bit low scores. I have won that flight with a 84 or 85 before. But it happens. But when a player shoots low scores they get moved to a higher flight.

Right now active tours in over 5o cities. Play with local golfers that share your fervor for golf week after week. You can also become a National Champion for each of the 12 flights at the season ending Am Tour National Championship. Benefits 1-year membership – Ability to compete in 36 hole Major Championships – Opportunity to qualify for the season-ending National Championships – Official Am Your Golf Shirt – Official Am Tour Hat-Player-Only Bag-Tag.You also get weekly updates through email.

This tour has many sponsors – Apparel – Rental Car – Golf Ball – Srixon – winn – Avis – Antiqua – GOLFNOW – Tee Time Provider – Grip and more. This Am Golf Channel Tour is Growing Rapidly all over the country.

Palm Springs Open Golf Channel AM Tour – March 5, 2017


                1ST-90,  Larry P  ($125 gift card and trophy)               

                2nd-93, Cyril W ($75 gift card)

                3 way tie for 3rd-94, William F, Don R and Lisa W ($25 gift cards each)


                1st-92, Kola A  (trophy and $100 gift card)  



                1ST-81, Kent K   (Trophy and $125 gift card)  



                1st-78, Rich F ( Trophy and $150 gift card)  Playoff Champion

                2nd-78, Michael G ($100 gift card)

                3rd-82, Steve P ($75 gift card)


                1st-78, Greg S (Trophy and $125 gift card)

                Tie for 2nd-82,  Dale S and Lance G  ($37 gift cards)



                1st-77, Cleo B ($100 gift card)

                2nd-83, Jeff R ($50 gift card)



                1ST-78, Billy H ($100 gift card)

                2nd-80, Bob H ($50 gift card)



                1ST-77, Tony A ($100 gift card)

                2nd-80, Gus L ($50 gift card)



                1ST-75, Brandan L (Trophy and $125 gift card)

                2nd-76, John J ($50 gift card)


Well I am a golfer and have been most of my life on and off. I did take up tennis and racquet ball for awhile when I was around 25. But golf it is for me. I am now 77 and still maintain a 12 max handicap.  There are times that I can shoot in the 70’s, but I think it is the best exercise you can have. I also work out in the gym 3-4 times a week. So it all helps to try to stay healthy.

OK, the Golf Channel Am Tour, I have had fun with it and won I think 3 times. Nice trophy’s plus some cash. But is is all fun and good company, most of time. If you really get into it you can improve your gamer and move up to higher levels. So game on, have fun. You need to have a handicap. SCGA


Now it really determines how much money will be dispersed by the amount of players that show up for their flights. As you can see by the above results how they paid. The Snead Flight and the Senior Sarazen Flights had more people sign up. So that’s how it works, the more people sign up the better the prizes.

How many of you know about the Golf Channel AM Tour? I talk to guys all the time that say no I have never heard of that? It is a lot of fun and this Amateur Golf Channel Tour is all over the world, YES that is right. You can join in your local town or nearby and play with whatever your handicap HDC against other players (women included) that have a very similar handicap. A lot of fun for husbands and wife or girlfriends. There are many levels in these tournaments. Here is the Flight information below. As you can see, there is a place for everyone. They almost always play on a Sunday. But when there is Major Event they will play Sat & Sun. Now there are Nationals, yes that is right big tournaments and you can play in your own handicap against others in your same flight and they may come from all over the USA and the World. That usually will be a 3 day tournament. This is going on all over the world and growing daily. You can play wherever you want. Once you join and lets say you live in Dallas Texas or New York City, and you want to come visit the Palm Springs area, or you want to go visit Puerto Rico or Washington State and there is a AM Golf Tournament put on by the Golf Channel Am Tour, you sign up in advance and you can play there. This is a very cool deal, I love it and been a member for 3 years now. If you win, you get a really nice Trophy and a gift card for a nice amount, maybe $125? They also have a Skins Game, you can enter for $20 and if you make a Par, or Birdie or an Eagle, Hole in one, and nobody else (in your flight only) ties or beats that score on that particular hole then you win in cash however much is in the pot. Now there are 18 holes, so many chances to win a little cash. Now usually that there are many birdies, sometimes a par wins so not a lot of money but fun and part of the competition. You do not need to enter the skins if don’t want to, but it is there for you. Anything you would like to submit about this site or your experiences on the Golf Channel AM Tour. you can see at  email

First Class Courses ►
Major Championships are hosted on the finest courses nationwide such as TPC Sawgrass, Pinehurst, Kiawah Island, Chambers Bay, PGA WEST, Blackwolf Run, Horseshoe Bay, and many more, Including Puerto Rico.

ABOUT MY –  WorldRecordBreakingfEvent
I need the help of everyone, or anyone to help me to hold my World Record Breaking Event. At 77 I am running out of time, so if this is to happen *(at least by me) I need help NOW. And by the way this event will be huge for major advertisers. Once this event starts happening the advertising will be in the $millions$. It is that big. Rose Bowl, SuperBowl, Daytona 500, and many more, yes it is that big and will be in the news for a year or two while it is being put together.  If you are a company PLEASE consider advertising with me on this site as well. Very low cost right now and I am getting a lot of hits daily to this site and as it is growing fast and so are the visitors. The only way I can make this WREvent happen is with money. Please look around my website. Thank you. Please email if you are interested to advertise or have your company information, who you are, what you do for my visitors to see.

OK local news, we have the ANA Inspiration LPGA Golf Tournament coming to Mission Hills in Rancho Mirage, California April 2, 2017. You are welcome to come out and see what a great event this it. Have some fun here in the desert, you won’t regret it. It is beautiful here this time of the year. Snow on the mountains and warm sunny skies with warm temps and beautiful golf courses to play. Incredible  wonderful restaurants with awesome food. Have you been to El Paseo, in Palm Desert? The closest thing to Beverly Hills Rodeo Drive. High End Shopping, but also wonderful restaurants with great Happy Hour specials.

OK, now for the good part. PLEASE if you decide to sign up for this Golf Channel AM tour (and you can play anytime there is a Am Golf tournament in your town or out of town to other AM Golf Channel areas. Check with the Am Golf Channel for your area and other areas you may want to visit. If you have the time to play in these mostly Sunday golf  tournaments, you will love it. Once your handicap improves you move to a higher level. You do not have to play every tournament). But a good idea to sign up in advance for big tournaments as most can sell out very quickly.

Please don’t forget to give them MY NAME (Chuck L Palm Springs AM Tour) when you do sign up, YES I get a little something for that. Thank you very much.

TOUR FLIGHTS                                               SENIOR FLIGHTS (50 years old+)
Championship          0 – 3                                Championship                 0 – 3.9
Palmer                       4.0 – 7.9                          Palmer                           4.0 – 7.9
Hogan                        8.0 – 11.9                        Hogan                            8.0 – 11.9
Sarazen                     12.0 – 15.9                       Sarazen                         12.0 – 15.9
Jones                         16.0 – 19.9                      Jones                             16.0 – 19.9
Snead                         20.0 – (+)                      Snead                             20.0 – (+)

Please let me know what you would like to see here. By the way I am not getting paid for this promotion of the Golf Channel AM Golf Tour. By the way, the name is AM Golf Tour, but that doesn’t mean this is a golf tour, that if you join you have to be playing on a actual tour every every week. It is just called tour, you play where you want that is having a tournament.  This is a labor of love and hopefully bring in a enough money to do my World Record Event one day. I just hope you can sign up and have fun and give them my name. Thanks for stopping by.

Am Tour Feedback, tell others what you think of the Golf Channel AM Tour
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See:  “World Center Of Golf Carts”


I’m seeking partners that know how to build WordPress Pages. Your job is to build a word press page and send to me. Once approved it will be published here and you will be paid. I have not figured out how much I can afford to pay yet? Drop me a line and tell me what you would charge /  possible with graphics. Thank you.</a>><a href="">

 At present I am receiving no income from this website, and never have. But now I am offering advertising so hopefully we will grow and have some income to keep this site going.

All editorials will receive credit. . . .