Many of us have gardening interests. We live in houses with a back yard, we live in condos, apartments with a small amount of room outdoors. We want people to know how they can have small or large gardens and grow their own healthy plants. Coming soon, send me your experience or handy hints and your photos of your plumieia, thanks.

One of my hobbies is Plumeria. I have over 400 in my back yard in containers. I have rare Plumeria only. Plumeria are a hardy plant, yet they can not survive in low temps below 50ยบ. Many people own Plumeria in cold states, Michigan and other cold states, etc. What they do at first signs of frost they take the plants out of the ground. They strip the leaves and keep in an area that does not freeze. Once the last chance of frost is over they prepare to replant the Plumeria for spring and summer. They are wonderful, many fragrant and beautiful flowers. They can be just as diversified as Orchids. There are so many varieties and colors and much hardier then Orchids. So in closing for now you can grow Plumeria just about anywhere under the right conditions. I guess if you lived in Alaska you could grow them indoors in a heated room . . . . They come from tropical areas around the world. I have read they originated in Mexico. Most are known to grow in Hawaii where they make the best leis. They also now grow them all over Asia. I will be publishing my Plumeria and they are for sale. All my Plumeria are 4 years old or more and rare. Some are pretty big so shipping can get costly but you will have a mature plant. There is no guarantee that this plant will not die. They are a very hardy plant and withstand a lot of conditions. But they need to get off to a very good start. Once they are established they do really well. Please Or Both sites are under construction as of this writing. But they will show some pretty nice Plumeria. You should be able to order from either site soon. I will also be adding complete instruction how to care for your plant. I also have cuttings from all my plants that sell for a lot less then the mature plant. Thank you.
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