Please post your Vacation Spots here. I will start this off with, we flew to San Miguel de Allende, Mexico for a week. Our first hotel for 4 days. Then we moved up to the top of the mountain to an incredible hotel. I will tell you more soon. Thanks. Captain Chuck  

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Are you a health nut, are you healthy, get healthy with help on this site. What do you know about boating, Cruising the Ocean Blue, Florida, California, Oregon, Washington State, Mexico, Bahamas, Alaska, South Seas, Panama. Ok, yes i will have some neat articles about marijuana. Especially where I live there are many stores but […]

Where In the World Is the Center of Golf Carts?

If you were like me, you probably never realized The Villages in Florida were becoming known for more than being a golf haven and a premier retirement center. I had a chance to make a visit to see a friend and take in some of the sites and activities recently. The creative genius I found […]

Wide Selection In Using Pontoon Boat

First of all, it really is the only boat that is identified as a “Party Boat”. This kind of boat gives several attractive characteristics; the low cost, a lot of extra room for stretching out or taking a group of many people for a ride. They are also simply customized to distinct needs, and come […]

Information Regarding Fiberglass Pontoon

It is continually an alternative to acquire one of the utilized pontoon boats for sale. However, purchasing a utilized pontoon can at times be frustrating and disappointing. If you want to stay away from these feelings, you must be equipped with information on what will need to look for. The outside appearance is the least […]

Giro Prolight Bike Helmet – The Greatest Advice Regarding Giro Prolight Bike Helmet

If you are a beginner biker, you clearly have to know the difference involving these two types of bikes to your initially pedals cycling guide. giro prolight helmet also comes to mind. Initial, let’s tackle about road bikes. This can be the best style of bike in case you are completely riding on paved streets. […]

3 Proven Techniques to Improve Your Ski and Snowboard Fun

Most beginner skiers and snowboard riders simply don’t know enough about the dangers involved with their sport. Skiing and snowboarding down the slopes can be very exciting and it can be too easy to get caught up in that. The importance of learning about the safety issues involved with skiing cannot be stressed enough. By […]

Pontoon Boat and More about It

If you’re a novice to fishing boats as well as enjoying water sports, you might ponder how a pontoon boat fishing boat took its identity. Pontoons are usually cylindrical formed objects that have the ability to drift in h2o, as well as for this reason trait, we were holding typically used by big houses which […]

Trip Critic: Your One-Stop Look for Cruise-Related Information If you will be a first-time sail traveler, it is advisable to have no less than an thought of what smooth sailing is. Your traveling agent could only supply you quotes or perhaps travel brochures by different cruise lines. What in case you have questions for the cruise package deal offered? What if you […]