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1981 CHB
1981 CHB Trawler FOR SALE $55,500

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Join me on my Adventure Cruising WA State to
San Diego, CA – –
May 1st, 2017
My 44′ CHB Trawler
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I love boating. I have owned many boats and I imagine I always will. This vessel here is a 1981 – 41′ CHB and 44′ overall.  A great cruising vessel. A great size for economy and family or live-a-board. It is in Washington State right now and I live in Southern California.

I will be heading to WA soon and then to the San Juan Islands and Salmon fishing in the summer (Did that, 2016) and cruise the San Juan Islands and more in that area. That was an awesome trip. 3 months +, most all the San Juan Islands.

My goal for NOW will be to bring the vessel to San Diego and Mission Bay. I want to leave WA about 1st of May 2017. I live here in Southern California and not very convenient to go and visit the boat that often being in WA State.

I may want to eventually take it to Puerto Vallarta and keep it there. Much lower cost for slip fees plus not expensive to fly there. Nice people there and a lots of expatriates. Great fishing. I will use it like a condo on the water. The best of both worlds I think. So we will see how it all plays out. I will write much more later. The vessel is for sale $55,500 (a great live-a-board) only sold by me at that price. And once I leave WA State (Mat 1st, 2017) That price will no longer be available.

The broker I has it listed sale for I think $73,000 and he gets a commission of course if he sales it at his listed price.

BUT I also have a open listing with him and other brokers now and I can sell it myself. So a great deal for you to buy it direct to from me and save a ton of money. If it is not bought by May 1st 2017 I will bring it down to Calif and the price will go up about $20k or more. I will be doing more sanding and some remodeling.
Captain Chuck

1981 CHB
44′ Overall 1981 CHB Trawler

May 1st, 2017
Day 1 –

Day 2 – s



Fun things:

Hey want to see underwater? Easy to make a bucket and see underwater. Take a whatever size plastic (preferably white) say about a 2 gal bucket. Get a clear plastic piece kind of thick. Cut a hole in the bottom of the bucket and leave a 1″ rim and cut the clear plastic to fit and use a plastic waterproof glue. Have fun exploring.

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