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 Hello and thanks for visiting my site, which I started in 1994.  I have had over 33 million visitors since putting my website on the Internet, and never sold any advertising.  I now have 5 websites and have decided it is finally time to sell ads, at a very low rates so I can hire a staff to help keep this site exciting.  I do need help. . . . 5 websites. So if you are interested, let me know.  Captain Chuck

2019 – Please bookmark now, as serious changes are under way, and you won’t regret it.  Look around because there is mucho information, ads, give-a-ways, stories, and so much more will be coming every day. Got story’s, info, photos?? Send them in.

I’m not a writer, advertising person, pro website builder, artist, or English major, I’m an inventor. I’m a guy that loves life and I have had this website, which I built by myself, and still maintain myself since the inception of the internet. A true little story about me, believe it or not, when the internet first started, I found a way to dominate all the categories that I had built sites for. Serious; I had Sailing, Singles, Autos, and about 6 more categories and for every state. This and that and many other webpages, but was all just an experiment, in fact all sites had the same content on all pages at that time. I just wanted to see if I could dominate categories on the web and I could and I did. If you typed in Cars, Tennis, Sailing, Singles, and others they were the top 50 all mine. Really, I just duplicated each of my pages and labeled them with: / / Hard for me to remember all the exact ways I did that but really a no brainier I just happened to be the first one to try it and it worked. But I have never known how to raise money or get people with money to be involved with what I am doing, ever? Including today. I still need people and money to hire them and I truly believe that big money can come from advertisers. But like the old saying (It takes money to make money) how true that is.

Why?? I was seeking $10 million dollars (and I am still seeking that kind of money) to get my company really going. I wanted to duplicate myself all over the country, but I never got the money. I had some people interested, but they just wanted to steal what I knew. Banks, forget it. I literally dominated several categories and I could have dominated all the categories if I had wanted at the time. I still know how to dominate categories or be at the top.

I needed advertising managers in all states and then more advertising salespeople in all the big cities and in the country. I needed BIG money, then and still do now. Where are all the big money people? What I have and want to do takes a lot of people and a lot of money. But my company can bring in many millions of dollars. I need money so I can hire many people.

I own these websites: / / / (on hold) / ( I just dumped that one).

I have had over 33 million visitors since I started just on

I love doing this and still do. But I need serious help and I will need someone to carry this on, long after I am gone. So come on board.

I love golf and carry a 10 handicap. I used to talk to Fred Couples (PGA golfer) when he lived there in Santa Barbara as well as Jimmy Connors (pro tennis player) as he also lived in Santa Barbara / Montecito area when I lived there. I also had a 50′ sailboat there that I lived on for over a year. I once was a 3 handicap around 1974. I won my first big amateur golf tournament  in Santa Barbara, Calif. (I was then a 4 handicap) and did make the newspaper and I still have that article.

Jimmy Conner’s also was in the that tournament. He was in the group in front of me the first day, then he was in a group behind me the 2nd day. I figured I might play with him the third and final day but he did not make the cut. I did go on to win that tournament in my class. Then I lost my lady to cancer one week later.

I tried to play golf with my buddies (we used to play 3 times a week every week for serious cash). Finally about 3 weeks after my lady died (cancer for 1.5 years) I tried to play golf with the guys that were encouraging me to come out and play but I had to go in after 3 holes, I could not hit the ball right. So I waited another couple weeks and tried again, same thing. I waited 2 more weeks and tried again. Nope, I could not play golf anymore. Amazing after being as low as a 3 hdcp I could not hit the ball right anymore. Funny how our brain works. So I quit the game and stored my clubs for over 7 years. Now I am back for 4 years and playing decent golf again with a 10 hdc and 79 years old. But not as good as I was in 2005. Ok, I am alive and feeling healthy and having fun again. SO that is a good thing. I am now just turned 79 and feeling 55 . . . . . and being a 10 is not too bad. I hope to get better again.

I also played tennis in Newport Beach, Calif and was friends and with Pro Tennis players Rod Laver & Roy Emerson. They also wrote articles for me  when I owned a magazine while living in Newport Beach and they lived there a well.

My hobbies are Golf, Tennis, Plumeria Plants, Boating, Guitar, Saxophone, Piano,  and I used to fly and thinking about doing that again? I have been a United States Coast Guard Licensed Captain since 1985. I have Captained up to 200 foot vessels, and up to 200 passenger vessels. I have owned many boats of various sizes up to 72′ feet. I had a 52′ Sailboat once in Southern Calif, but no more sailboats for me.  I have never been rich and I certainly am not rich now, yet?  But I am always optimistic. ha ha. I have always had tons of ideas, but I have never known how to make things happen in a big way. I guess I am an idea guy, but no way to get them to market. So anybody interested in my ideas, drop a line. It takes money to make money, that is a fact. Just one dot com.

I will continue to add as much quality information as I can. If you have anything to donate, articles, pictures, renderings, art, photos, money, whatever, please send to me or email me about whatever. You can see my email in between the lines.  Come-on, drop a line, tell me what’s up and any ideas. Thanks. Any stories? Please do send them and I will give you the credits, thanks.

I will add your content if it is deemed to be appropriate.  You will not find any naked ladies on here, don’t get me wrong, I like naked ladies, oops, but not on this website. So anyway, no smut, no garbage, just hopefully good quality content. So please, join me in bringing good things to many people on this website. Send them in to me. Thanks. Just one .com.

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