Mexico is known for very colorful creative art in many ways.  And functional.

Please post your Vacation Spots here.

I will start this off with, we flew to San Miguel de Allende, Mexico for a week. Our first hotel for 4 days. Then we moved up to the top of the mountain to an incredible hotel. I will tell you more soon. Thanks. Captain Chuck

What a wonderful place to visit. I also met a few people USA that are moving there permanently, amazing place. Very safe and lot to do and see and lots of wonderful Mexican
people that live there and many expats live there with really great businesses.
I have never figured out how to do that? Just pick up and leave my country? Hmmm.  Anyone want to jump in and give your post as to your feeling about San Miguel de Allende, please send in your info about this town in Mexico. Thanks for stopping by. More coning soon.
Sorry I have to work on the photos being better. I took them. . .??


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