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You can reach me

SCGA students @ Mission Hills


SCPGA teaching competition at Mission Hills CC



Dear SCGA Members,
The Southern California PGA is looking for students to participate in a one-day teaching event at the world famous Dinah Shore Tournament Course at Mission Hills Country Club in Rancho Mirage.  Our 11th PGA teaching event is scheduled for Sunday, May 7, 2017. This unique event pairs each participant with a dedicated PGA teaching professional to serve as his/her own personal coach and caddie.  If this date has passed you might call Mission Hills Country Club to see about 2018

The coaches themselves do not play but instead, advise the participants during the round of 18 holes.  Players start with two hours of private instruction with their coaches on a world-class PGA TOUR teaching facility. The private lesson is then followed by 18 holes of stroke-play competition on one of the best courses in Southern California. The low net score will not only claim victory, but more importantly, raise money for charity.

The entry fee is $350. This includes an 18-hole playing lesson from the best coaches in the game, two hours of private instruction on an all-grass practice facility, box lunch and a wonderful appetizer reception to finish a great day of golf.  The winning students receive prizes; the winning coaches receive prize money.

Please come out for a day of fun and learning and support your local PGA professionals and the SCPGA Foundation. The experience of having your own personal PGA pro for the day and a chance to support your local charity should not be missed.

America’s Golf Coach provides a first-class teaching event and a great golf experience. To reserve your spot, please email Tim Johnson at  The entry fee is not required at this time. Please include your name, SCGA/GHIN number and phone number.

Following is another PGA teaching event scheduled for 2017:

Sunday, November 12, at Talking Stick Golf Club in Scottsdale, AZ.

For more information, contact Tim Johnson (310)489-0898 or visit  Trust in the PGA and let’s get your golf game moving in the right direction! Tell them where you found them, thanks.

Top Movie People

Merv Griffin Net Worth – $1 Billion

Merv Griffin and Zsa Zsa Gabor

2. Jerry Seinfeld Net Worth – $820 Million

Jerry and Jessica Seinfeld Met Gala Interview | Video

Jerry and Jessica Seinfeld

3. Shah Rukh Khan Net Worth – $600 Million

Shah Rukh Khan at International Customs Day 2017
Shah Rukh Khan at International Customs Day 2017

4. Tom Cruise Net Worth – $480 Million

Tom Cruise...I had my cousin bf bought me his poster when I was 17? Tom Cruise

Celebrity Birthday July 13 Harrison Ford, Empire Magazine's number-one movie star of all time in 1997.:
Harrison Ford.



Megan Fox - One of the most beautiful Hollywood actresses 2015
Megan Fox – One of the most beautiful Hollywood actresses 2017

Here is a List of Top Most Beautiful Hollywood Actresses

1. Angelina Jolie:

Angelina Jolie
Angelina Jolie

2. Scarlett Johansson:

Scarlett Johansson
Scarlett Johansson

3. Jessica Alba:

Jessica Alba
Jessica Alba

4. Megan Fox:

Megan Fox
Megan Fox

5. Emma Stone:

Emma Stone
Emma Stone

6. Natalie Portman:

Natalie Portman
Natalie Portman

7. Mila Kunis:

Mila Kunis
Mila Kunis

8. Cameron Diaz:

Cameron Diaz
Cameron Diaz

9. Jennifer Aniston:

Jennifer Aniston
Jennifer Aniston

10. Marion Cotillard:

Marion Cotillard
Marion Cotillard

5.Mel Gibson Net Worth 2017 – $425


6. Johnny Depp Net Worth 2017 – $400 Million
7. Tyler Perry Net Worth 2017 – $400 Million
8. Jack Nicholson Net Worth 2017 – $400 Million
9.Sylvester Stallone Net Worth 2017 – $400 Million
10. Bill Cosby Net Worth 2017 – $400 Million

Top 400 Wealthiest People in the U.S.A.

  1. Bill Gates-Net Worth: $81B- Source of wealth: Microsoft
  2. Jeff Bezos-Net Worth: $67B-
  3. Warren Buffett-Net Worth: $65.5B- Berkshire Hathaway
  4. Mark Zuckerberg-Net Worth: $55.5B- Facebook
  5. Larry Ellison-Net Worth: $49.3B- Oracle
  6. Michael Bloomberg-Net Worth: $45B- Bloomberg LP
  7. Charles Koch-Net Worth: $42B- Diversified
  8. David Koch-Net Worth: $42B- Diversified
  9. Larry Page-Net Worth: $38.5B- Google
  10. Sergey Brin-Net Worth: $37.5B- Google
  11. Jim Walton-Net Worth: $35.6B- Wal-Mart
  12. S. Robson Walton-Net Worth: $35.5B- Wal-Mart
  13. Alice Walton-Net Worth: $35.4B- Wal-Mart
  14. Sheldon Adelson-Net Worth: $31.8B- Casinos
  15. Steve Ballmer-Net Worth: $27.5B- Microsoft
  16. Jacqueline Mars-Net Worth: $27B- Candy
  17. John Mars-Net Worth: $27B- Candy
  18. Phil Knight-Net Worth: $25.5B- Nike
  19. George Soros-Net Worth: $24.9B- Hedge funds
  20. Michael Dell-Net Worth: $20B- Dell computers
  21. Paul Allen-Net Worth: $18.9B- Microsoft, investments
  22. Len Blavatnik-Net Worth: $18.2B- Diversified
  23. Laurene Powell Jobs-Net Worth: $17.7B- Apple, Disney
  24. James Simons-Net Worth: $16.5B- Hedge funds
  25. Ray Dalio-Net Worth: $15.9B- Hedge funds
  26. Carl Icahn-Net Worth: $15.7B- Investments
  27. Donald Bren-Net Worth: $15.2B- Real estate
  28. Charles Ergen-Net Worth: $14.7B- Satellite TV
  29. Abigail Johnson-Net Worth: $13.2B- Money management
  30. Harold Hamm-Net Worth: $13.1B- Oil & gas
  31. Steve Cohen-Net Worth: $13B- Hedge funds
  32. Thomas Peterffy-Net Worth: $12.6B- Discount brokerage
  33. Ronald Perelman-Net Worth: $12.2B- Leveraged buyouts
  34. Elon Musk-Net Worth: $11.6B- Tesla Motors
  35. David Tepper-Net Worth: $11.4B- Hedge funds
  36. Eric Schmidt-Net Worth: $11.3B- Google
  37. Lukas Walton-Net Worth: $11.2B- Wal-Mart
  38. Rupert Murdoch-Net Worth: $11.1B- Newspapers, TV network
  39. Philip Anschutz-Net Worth: $10.8B- Investments
  40. Jim Kennedy-Net Worth: $10.8B- Media
  41. Blair Parry-Okeden-Net Worth: $10.8B- Media
  42. Donald Newhouse-Net Worth: $10.5B- Media
  43. Samuel Newhouse-Net Worth: $10.5B- Media
  44. Dustin Moskovitz-Net Worth: $10.4B- Facebook
  45. Stephen Schwarzman-Net Worth: $10.3B- Investments
  46. John Menard-Net Worth: $9.4B- Home improvement stores
  47. Patrick Soon-Shiong-Net Worth: $9.2B- Pharmaceuticals
  48. Leonard Lauder-Net Worth: $9B- Estee Lauder
  49. Andrew Beal-Net Worth: $8.9B- Banks, real estate
  50. 50. Jan Koum-Net Worth: $8.8B- WhatsApp
  51. James Goodnight-Net Worth: $8.7B- Software
  52. Herbert Kohler-Net Worth: $8.6B- Plumbing fixtures
  53. John Paulson-Net Worth: $8.6B- Hedge funds
  54. Pierre Omidyar-Net Worth: $8.1B- eBay
  55. Thomas Frist-Net Worth: $7.9B- Health care
  56. Gordon Moore-Net Worth: $7.6B- Intel
  57. Ken Griffin-Net Worth: $7.5B- Hedge funds
  58. Eli Broad-Net Worth: $7.4B- Investments
  59. Stanley Kroenke-Net Worth: $7.4B- Sports, real estate
  60. Micky Arison-Net Worth: $7.2B- Carnival Cruises
  61. James Chambers-Net Worth: $7.2B- Media
  62. Carl Cook-Net Worth: $7.2B- Medical devices
  63. George Kaiser-Net Worth: $7.2B- Oil & gas, banking
  64. John Malone-Net Worth: $7.2B- Cable television
  65. Katharine Rayner-Net Worth: $7.2B- Media
  66. Margaretta Taylor-Net Worth: $7.2B- Media
  67. Edward Johnson-Net Worth: $7.1B- Money management
  68. Richard Kinder-Net Worth: $7B- Pipelines
  69. Shahid Khan-Net Worth: $6.9B- Auto parts
  70. Hank & Doug Meijer-Net Worth: $6.9B- Supermarkets
  71. Les Wexner-Net Worth: $6.9B- Retail
  72. David Duffield-Net Worth: $6.7B- Business software
  73. David Geffen-Net Worth: $6.7B-Movies, record labels
  74. Richard LeFrak-Net Worth: $6.7B- Real estate
  75. Charles Schwab-Net Worth: $6.6B- Discount brokerage
  76. Pauline MacMillan Keinath-Net Worth: $6.4B- Cargill
  77. Bruce Halle-Net Worth: $6.3B- Tires
  78. Travis Kalanick-Net Worth: $6.3B- Uber Technologies
  79. Ann Walton Kroenke-Net Worth: $6.2B- Wal-Mart
  80. David Green-Net Worth: $6.1B- Retail
  81. Robert Rowling-Net Worth: $6B- Investments
  82. Ralph Lauren-Net Worth: $5.9B- Ralph Lauren
  83. John A.  Sobrato-Net Worth: $5.9B- Real estate
  84. Dennis Washington-Net Worth: $5.9B- Construction, mining
  85. Michael & Marian Ilitch-Net Worth: $5.8B-Pizza
  86. Christy Walton-Net Worth: $5.6B- Wal-Mart
  87. Brian Acton-Net Worth: $5.4B- WhatsApp
  88. Richard DeVos-Net Worth: $5.4B- Amway
  89. Bruce Kovner-Net Worth: $5.3B- Hedge funds
  90. Ted Lerner-Net Worth: $5.3B- Real estate
  91. David Sun-Net Worth: $5.3B- Computer hardware
  92. John Tu-Net Worth: $5.3B- Computer hardware
  93. Dannine Avara-Net Worth: $5.2B- Pipelines
  94. Jim Davis-Net Worth: $5.2B- New Balance
  95. Scott Duncan-Net Worth: $5.2B- Pipelines
  96. Milane Frantz-Net Worth: $5.2B- Pipelines
  97. Jerry Jones-Net Worth: $5.2B- Dallas Cowboys
  98. Whitney MacMillan-Net Worth: $5.2B- Cargill
  99. Trevor Rees-Jones-Net Worth: $5.2B- Oil & gas
  100. Randa Williams-Net Worth: $5.2B- Pipelines
  101. Robert Kraft-Net Worth: $5.1B-New England Patriots
  102. Tom & Judy Love-Net Worth: $5.1B-Retail & gas stations
  103. Leandro Rizzuto-Net Worth: $5.1B-Advertising, Consumer products
  104. Leon Black-Net Worth: $5B- Private equity
  105. John Doerr- Net Worth: $5B- Venture capital
  106. Israel Englander-Net Worth: $5B-Hedge funds
  107. Charles Johnson-Net Worth: $5B-Money management
  108. David Shaw-Net Worth: $5B-Hedge funds
  109. Edward Roski-Net Worth: $4.9B-Real estate
  110. Ray Lee Hunt-Net Worth: $4.8B-Oil, real estate
  111. Alejandro Santo Domingo-Net Worth: $4.8B-Beer
  112. Andres Santo Domingo-Net Worth: $4.8Bp-Beer
  113. Daniel Ziff-Net Worth: $4.8B-Investments
  114. Dirk Ziff-Net Worth: $4.8B-Investments
  115. Robert Ziff-Net Worth: $4.8B-Investments
  116. Tamara Gustavson-Net Worth: $4.7B-Self storage
  117. Sumner Redstone-Net Worth: $4.7B-Wealth: media
  118. Sam Zell-Net Worth: $4.7B-Real estate, private equity
  119. Daniel Gilbert-Net Worth: $4.6B-Quicken Loans
  120. Daniel Gilbert-Net Worth: $4.6B-Quicken Loans
  121. Paul Tudor Jones-Net Worth: $4.6B-Hedge funds
  122. George Lucas-Net Worth: $4.6B-Star Wars
  123. Steven Rales-Net Worth: $4.6B-Manufacturing
  124. Charles Dolan-Net Worth: $4.5B-Cable television
  125. Henry Kravis-Net Worth: $4.5B-0Private equity
  126. Nancy Walton Laurie-Net Worth: $4.5B-Wal-Mart
  127. George Roberts-Net Worth: $4.5B-Private equity
  128. Stanley Druckenmiller-Net Worth: $4.4B-Hedge funds
  129. Reinhold Schmieding-Net Worth: $4.4B-Medical devices
  130. Sheldon Solow-Net Worth: $4.4B-Real estate
  131. Rupert Johnson-Net Worth: $4.3B-Money management
  132. Karen Pritzker-Net Worth: $4.3B-Hotels, investments
  133. John Sall-Net Worth: $4.2B-Software
  134. Phillip Frost-Net Worth: $4.1B-Pharmaceuticals
  135. Jeffery Hildebrand-Net Worth: $4.1B-Oil
  136. Gabe Newell-Net Worth: $4.1B-Videogames
  137. Terrence Pegula-Net Worth: $4.1B-Natural gas
  138. Mitchell Rales-Net Worth: $4.1B-Manufacturing, investments
  139. Jeffrey Skoll-Net Worth: $4.1B-eBay
  140. Leonard Stern-Net Worth: $4.1B-Real estate
  141. Ronda Stryker-Net Worth: $4.1B-Medical equipment
  142. Jeremy Jacobs-Net Worth: $4B-Concessions
  143. James Jannard-Net Worth: $4B-Sunglasses
  144. Gwendolyn Sontheim Meyer-Net Worth: $4B-Cargill
  145. H. Ross Perot-Net Worth: $4B-Computer services, real estate
  146. Stewart and Lynda Resnick-Net Worth: $4B-Agriculture, water
  147. Russ Weiner-Net Worth: $4B-Energy drinks
  148. John Morris-Net Worth: $3.9B-Sporting goods retail
  149. Ira Rennert-Net Worth: $3.9B-Investments
  150. Marc Benioff-Net Worth: $3.8B-Business software
  151. Diane Hendricks-Net Worth: $3.8B-Roofing
  152. Reid Hoffman-Net Worth: $3.8B-LinkedIn
  153. Robert Rich-Net Worth: $3.8B-Frozen foods
  154. Walter Scott-Net Worth: $3.8B-Utilities, telecom
  155. Kelcy Warren-Net Worth: $3.8B-Pipelines
  156. Stephen Bisciotti-Net Worth: $3.7B-Baltimore Ravens
  157. Austen Cargill-Net Worth: $3.7B-Cargill
  158. James Cargill-Net Worth: $3.7B-Cargill
  159. Rick Caruso-Net Worth: $3.7B-Real estate
  160. Martha Ingram-Net Worth: $3.7B-Book distribution, transportation
  161. H. Fisk Johnson-Net Worth: $3.7B-Cleaning products
  162. Imogene Powers Johnson-Net Worth: $3.7B-Cleaning products
  163. S. Curtis Johnson-Net Worth: $3.7B-Cleaning products
  164. Helen Johnson-Leipold-Net Worth: $3.7B-Cleaning products
  165. Winnie  Johnson-Marquart-Net Worth: $3.7B-Cleaning products
  166. Marianne Liebmann-Net Worth: $3.7B-Cargill
  167. Mary Alice Dorrance Malone-Net Worth: $3.7B-Campbell Soup
  168. Clayton Mathile-Net Worth: $3.7B-Pet food
  169. Igor Olenicoff-Net Worth: $3.7B-Real estate
  170. Frederick Smith-Net Worth: $3.7B-FedEx
  171. Jerry Speyer-Net Worth: $3.7B-Real estate
  172. Steven Spielberg-Net Worth: $3.7B-Movies
  173. Donald Trump-Net Worth: $3.7B-Television, real estate
  174. Bubba Cathy-Net Worth: $3.6B-Chick-Fil-A
  175. Dan Cathy-Net Worth: $3.6B-Chick-Fil-A
  176. Dan Friedkin-Net Worth: $3.6B-Toyota dealerships
  177. Jimmy Haslam-Net Worth: $3.6B-Gas stations, retail
  178. Randal Kirk-Net Worth: $3.6B-Pharmaceuticals
  179. Bernard Marcus-Net Worth: $3.6B-Home Depot
  180. Isaac Perlmutter-Net Worth: $3.6B-Marvel comics
  181. Julian Robertson-Net Worth: $3.6B-Hedge funds
  182. Jeff Sutton-Net Worth: $3.6B-Real estate
  183. Joan Tisch-Net Worth: $3.6B-Diversified
  184. Dagmar Dolby-Net Worth: $3.5B-Dolby Laboratories
  185. Archie Aldis Emmerson-Net Worth: $3.5B-Timberland, lumber mills
  186. Ken Fisher-Net Worth: $3.5B-Money management
  187. Robert McNair-Net Worth: $3.5B-Energy, sports
  188. Michael Milken-Net Worth: $3.5B-Investments
  189. Steven Udvar-Hazy-Net Worth: $3.5-Aircraft leasing
  190. Anthony Pritzker-Net Worth: $3.4B-Hotels, investments
  191. Jay Robert (J.B.) Pritzker-Net Worth: $3.4B-Hotels, investments
  192. Donald Sterling-Net Worth: $3.4B-Real estate
  193. Roger Wang-Net Worth: $3.4B-Retail
  194. Nathan Blecharczyk-Net Worth: $3.3B-Airbnb
  195. John Catsimatidis-Net Worth: $3.3B-Oil, real estate
  196. Brian Chesky-Net Worth: $3.3B-Airbnb
  197. David Filo-Net Worth: $3.3B-Yahoo
  198. Joe Gebbia-Net Worth: $3.3B-Airbnb
  199. Tom Gores-Net Worth: $3.3B-Private equity
  200. Jeff Greene-Net Worth: $3.3B-Real estate, investments
  201. John Overdeck-Net Worth: $3.3B-Hedge funds
  202. Bernard Saul-Net Worth: $3.3B-Banking, real estate
  203. David Siegel-Net Worth: $3.3B-Hedge Funds
  204. Neil Bluhm-Net Worth: $3.2B-Real estate
  205. Leon G. Cooperman-Net Worth: $3.2B-Hedge funds
  206. Mark Cuban-Net Worth: $3.2B-Online media
  207. Jack & Laura Dangermond-Net Worth: $3.2B-Mapping software
  208. Edward DeBartolo-Net Worth: $3.2B-Shopping centers
  209. Ronald Lauder-Net Worth: $3.2B-Estee Lauder
  210. George Lindemann-Net Worth: $3.2B-Investments
  211. Robert Pera-Net Worth: $3.2B-Wireless Networking gear
  212. Clemmie Spangler-Net Worth: $3.2B-Investments
  213. Harry Stine-Net Worth: $3.2B-Agriculture
  214. Arthur Blank-Net Worth: $3.1B-Home Depot
  215. John Paul DeJoria-Net Worth: $3.1B-Hair products, tequila
  216. Kieu Hoang-Net Worth: $3.1B-Medical products
  217. Amos Hostetter-Net Worth: $3.1B-Cable television
  218. Thomas Pritzker-Net Worth: $3.1B-Hotels, investments
  219. David Rockefeller-Net Worth: $3.1B-Real estate, investments
  220. Henry Samueli-Net Worth: $3.1B-Semiconductors
  221. Lynn Schusterman-Net Worth: $3.1B-Oil & gas, investments
  222. Do Won & Jin Sook Chang-Net Worth: $3B-Fashion retail
  223. Bennett Dorrance-Net Worth: $3B-Campbell Soup
  224. Allan Goldman-Net Worth: $3B-Real estate
  225. Jane Goldman-Net Worth: $3B-Real estate
  226. Amy Goldman Fowler-Net Worth: $3B-Real estate
  227. Diane  Kemper-Net Worth: $3B-Real estate
  228. Michael Moritz-Net Worth: $3B-Venture capital
  229. Kevin Plank-Net Worth: $3B-Under Armour
  230. Herbert Simon-Net Worth: $3B0-Real estate
  231. Romesh T. Wadhwani-Net Worth: $3B-Software
  232. John Arnold-Net Worth: $2.9B-Hedge funds
  233. Andrew & Peggy Cherng-Net Worth: $2.9B-Restaurants
  234. Tom Golisano-Net Worth: $2.9B-Payroll services
  235. James Leprino-Net Worth: $2.9B-Cheese
  236. Wilbur Ross-Net Worth: $2.9B-Investments
  237. Haim Saban-Net Worth: $2.9B-TV network, investments
  238. Howard Schultz-Net Worth: $2.9B-Starbucks
  239. Robert Bass-Net Worth: $2.8B-Oil, investments
  240. Kenneth Langone-Net Worth: $2.8B-Investments
  241. Jorge Perez-Net Worth: $2.8B-Real estate
  242. Richard Schulze-Net Worth: $2.8B-Best Buy
  243. Oprah Winfrey-Net Worth: $2.8B-TV shows
  244. Jim Breyer-Net Worth: $2.7B-Venture capital
  245. Barry Diller-Net Worth: $2.7B-Online media
  246. Kenneth Feld-Net Worth: $2.7B-Circus, live entertainment
  247. Tilman Fertitta-Net Worth: $2.7B-Restaurants, casinos
  248. B. Wayne Hughes-Net Worth: $2.7B-Self storage
  249. Min Kao-Net Worth: $2.7B-Navigation equipment
  250. Douglas Leone-Net Worth: $2.7B-Venture capital
  251. John Middleton-Net Worth: $2.7B-Tobacco
  252. Daniel Och-Net Worth: $2.7B-Hedge funds
  253. A. Jerrold Perenchio-Net Worth: $2.7B-Television, Univision
  254. J. Christopher Reyes-Net Worth: $2.7B-Food distribution
  255. Jude Reyes-Net Worth: $2.7B-Food distribution
  256. Gary Rollins-Net Worth: $2.7B-Pest control
  257. Randall Rollins-Net Worth: $2.7B-Pest control
  258. Mark Shoen-Net Worth: $2.7B-U-Haul
  259. Peter Thiel-Net Worth: $2.7B-Facebook, Palantir
  260. Steve Wynn-Net Worth: $2.7B-Casinos, hotels
  261. Mortimer Zuckerman-Net Worth: $2.7B-Real estate, media
  262. Riley Bechtel-Net Worth: $2.6B-Engineering, construction
  263. Stephen Bechtel-Net Worth: $2.6B-Engineering, construction
  264. Robert Duggan-Net Worth: $2.6B-Pharmaceuticals
  265. Doris Fisher-Net Worth: $2.6B-Gap
  266. H. Wayne Huizenga-Net Worth: $2.6B-Investments
  267. Daniel Loeb-Net Worth: $2.6B-Hedge funds
  268. David Murdock-Net Worth: $2.6B-Dole, real estate
  269. Pat Stryker-Net Worth: $2.6B-Medical equipment
  270. William Wrigley-Net Worth: $2.6B-Chewing gum
  271. Anita Zucker-Net Worth: $2.6B-Chemicals
  272. Tom Benson-Net Worth: $2.5B-New Orleans Saints
  273. David Bonderman-Net Worth: $2.5B-Private equity
  274. John Brown-Net Worth: $2.5B-Medical equipment
  275. Bharat & Neerja Sethi Desai-Net Worth: $2.5B-IT consulting
  276. Don Hankey-Net Worth: $2.5B-Auto loans
  277. Joshua Harris-Net Worth: $2.5B-Private equity
  278. Bill Haslam-Net Worth: $2.5B-Truck stops
  279. Henry Hillman-Net Worth: $2.5B-Investments
  280. James Irsay-Net Worth: $2.5B-Indianapolis Colts
  281. Stephen Mandel-Net Worth: $2.5B-Hedge funds
  282. C. Dean Metropoulos-Net Worth: $2.5B-Investments
  283. Henry Nicholas-Net Worth: $2.5B-Semiconductors
  284. Marc Rowan-Net Worth: $2.5B-Private equity
  285. Phillip Ruffin-Net Worth: $2.5B-Casinos, real estate
  286. Robert Smith-Net Worth: $2.5B-Private equity
  287. Ty Warne-Net Worth: $2.5B-Real estate, plush toys
  288. George Bishop-Net Worth: $2.4B-Oil & gas
  289. Peter Buck-Net Worth: $2.4B-Subway sandwich shops
  290. William Conway-Net Worth: $2.4B-Private equity
  291. Daniel D’Aniello-Net Worth: $2.4B-Private equity
  292. Ray Davis-Net Worth: $2.4B-Pipelines
  293. Bill Gross-Net Worth: $2.4B-Investments
  294. John Henry-Net Worth: $2.4B-Sports
  295. Sean Parker-Net Worth: $2.4B-Facebook
  296. Bob Parsons-Net Worth: $2.4B-Web hosting
  297. Jean (Gigi) Pritzker-Net Worth: $2.4B-Hotels, investments
  298. Penny Pritzker-Net Worth: $2.4B-Hotels, investments
  299. David Rubenstein-Net Worth: $2.4B-Private equity
  300. Patrick Ryan-Net Worth: $2.4B-Insurance
  301. Julio Mario Santo Domingo-Net Worth: $2.4B-Beer
  302. Thomas Secunda-Net Worth: $2.4B-Bloomberg LP
  303. Alexander Spanos-Net Worth: $2.4B-Real estate, San Diego Chargers
  304. Warren Stephens-Net Worth: $2.4B-Investment banking
  305. Mark Walter-Net Worth: $2.4B-Finance
  306. Denise York-Net Worth: $2.4B-San Francisco 49ers
  307. John Arrillaga-Net Worth: $2.3B-Real estate
  308. Noam Gottesman-Net Worth: $2.3B-Hedge funds
  309. Johnelle Hunt-Net Worth: $2.3B-Trucking
  310. Edward Lampert-Net Worth: $2.3B-Sears
  311. Jay Paul-Net Worth: $2.3B-Real estate
  312. Richard Peery-Net Worth: $2.3B-Real estate
  313. John Pritzker-Net Worth: $2.3B-Hotels, investments
  314. Michael Rubin-Net Worth: $2.3B-Online retail
  315. E. Joe Shoen-Net Worth: $2.3B-U-Haul
  316. Thomas Siebel-Net Worth: $2.3B-Business software
  317. Jon Stryker-Net Worth: $2.3B-Medical equipment
  318. Meg Whitman-Net Worth: $2.3B-eBay
  319. Scott Cook-Net Worth: $2.2B-Software
  320. Jim Davis-Net Worth: $2.2B-Staffing & recruiting
  321. Judy Faulkner-Net Worth: $2.2B- Health IT
  322. John Fisher-Net Worth: $2.2B- Gap
  323. Rakesh Gangwal-Net Worth: $2.2B- Airlin
  324. Stanley Hubbard-Net Worth: $2.2B- DirecT
  325. Brad Kelley-Net Worth: $2.2B-Source of wealth: Tobacco
  326. Joe Mansueto-Net Worth: $2.2B- Investment research
  327. Stewart Rahr-Net Worth: $2.2B- Drug distribution
  328. Jeff Rothschild-Net Worth: $2.2B- Facebook
  329. Paul Singer-Net Worth: $2.2B- Hedge funds
  330. Ted Turner-Net Worth: $2.2B- Cable television
  331. John Tyson-Net Worth: $2.2B- Food processing
  332. Jerry Yang-Net Worth: $2.2B- Yahoo
  333. S. Daniel Abraham-Net Worth: $2.1B- Slim-Fast
  334. George Argyros-Net Worth: $2.1B- Real estate, investments
  335. Ron Baron-Net Worth: $2.1B- Money management
  336. Nick Caporella-Net Worth: $2.1B- Beverages
  337. James Coulter-Net Worth: $2.1B- Private equity
  338. Gerald Ford-Net Worth: $2.1B- Banking
  339. Gordon Getty-Net Worth: $2.1B- Getty Oil
  340. Alec Gores-Net Worth: $2.1B- Private equity
  341. Joseph Grendys-Net Worth: $2.1B- poultry
  342. John Kapoor-Net Worth: $2.1B- Healthcare
  343. Thomas Lee-Net Worth: $2.1B- Private equity
  344. Jeffrey Lorberbaum-Net Worth: $2.1B- Flooring
  345. Arturo Moreno-Net Worth: $2.1B- billboards, Anaheim Angels
  346. Daniel Pritzker-Net Worth: $2.1B- Hotels, investments
  347. Dan Snyder-Net Worth: $2.1B- Washington Redskins
  348. Evan Spiegel-Net Worth: $2.1B- Snapchat
  349. Ronald Wanek-Net Worth: $2.1B- furniture
  350. William Young-Net Worth: $2.1B- plastics
  351. Todd Christopher-Net Worth: $2B- Hair care products
  352. Chase Coleman-Net Worth: $2B-Source of wealth: hedge fund
  353. James Dinan-Net Worth: $2B- Hedge funds
  354. Glenn Dubin-Net Worth: $2B- Hedge funds
  355. James France-Net Worth: $2B- Nascar, racing
  356. Jonathan Nelson-Net Worth: $2B- private equity
  357. Peter Peterson-Net Worth: $2B- Investments
  358. David  Walentas-Net Worth: $2B- Real estate
  359. Leslie Alexander-Net Worth: $1.9B- Houston Rockets
  360. James Clark-Net Worth: $1.9B- Netscape, investments
  361. Frank Fertitta-Net Worth: $1.9B- Casinos, Ultimate Fighting Championship
  362. Lorenzo Fertitta-Net Worth: $1.9B- Casinos, Ultimate Fighting Championship
  363. W. Herbert Hunt-Net Worth: $1.9B- Oil
  364. Bruce Karsh-Net Worth: $1.9B- Private equity
  365. Howard Marks-Net Worth: $1.9B- Private equity
  366. Drayton McLane-Net Worth: $1.9B- Wal-Mart, logistics
  367. Kavitark Ram Shriram-Net Worth: $1.9B- Venture capital, Google
  368. Mark Stevens-Net Worth: $1.9B- Venture capital
  369. Glen Taylor-Net Worth: $1.9B- Printing
  370. Elaine Wynn-Net Worth: $1.9B- Casinos, hotels
  371. Richard Yuengling-Net Worth: $1.9B- Beer=
  372. Louis Bacon-Net Worth: $1.8B- hedge funds
  373. Edward Bass-Net Worth: $1.8B- Oil, investments
  374. Lee Bass-Net Worth: $1.8B- Oil, investments
  375. Sid Bass-Net Worth: $1.8B- Oil, investments
  376. Alexandra Daitch-Net Worth: $1.8B- Cargill
  377. Eric Lefkofsky-Net Worth: $1.8B- Groupon
  378. Jeffrey Lurie-Net Worth: $1.8B- Philadelphia Eagles
  379. Sarah MacMillan-Net Worth: $1.8B- Cargill
  380. Bobby Murphy-Net Worth: $1.8B- Snapchat
  381. Jennifer Pritzker-Net Worth: $1.8B- Hotels, investments
  382. Linda Pritzker-Net Worth: $1.8B- Hotels, investments
  383. Phillip Ragon-Net Worth: $1.8B- Health IT
  384. Larry Robbins-Net Worth: $1.8B- Hedge funds
  385. T. Denny Sanford-Net Worth: $1.8B- Banking, credit cards
  386. Charles Simonyi-Net Worth: $1.8B- Microsoft
  387. Lucy Stitzer-Net Worth: $1.8B- Cargill
  388. Katherine Tanner-Net Worth: $1.8B- Cargill
  389. Vincent Viola-Net Worth: $1.8B- Electronic trading
  390. Amy Wyss-Net Worth: $1.8B- Medical equipment
  391. Jon Yarbrough-Net Worth: $1.8B- Video games
  392. Charles Zegar-Net Worth: $1.8B- Bloomberg LP
  393. Carol Jenkins Barnett-Net Worth: $1.7B- Publix supermarkets
  394. Nicolas Berggruen-Net Worth: $1.7B- Investments
  395. Timothy Boyle-Net Worth: $1.7B- Columbia Sportswear
  396. Christopher Cline-Net Worth: $1.7B- Coal
  397. Jen-Hsun Huang-Net Worth: $1.7B- Semiconductors
  398. Gail Miller-Net Worth: $1.7B- Basketball, car dealers