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Are you a health nut, are you healthy, get healthy with help on this site.
What do you know about boating, Cruising the Ocean Blue, Florida, California, Oregon, Washington State, Mexico, Bahamas, Alaska, South Seas, Panama.

Ok, yes i will have some neat articles about marijuana. Especially where I live there are many stores but sell to medical marijuana card holder. But send me some articles, photos and so we can get this editorial going, thanks.

Are you a Golfer, Tennis, runner, poker, whatever. Would you please send me some text and or photos about what you like to do or some editorial about anything? Controversial or good down-home-cooking recipes, or sports, QuadCopters, send me anything, videos and some editorial thanks. You must have a good story to share (with photo’s?) How about your vacation or something special.

Who can we help. How about helping kids that need Glasses, shoes, jackets.
How about Homeless People, there is a way to help and not a band-aid.
How about Child Abuse, we can as a group help. Can you name some groups of people that we can help as a group. I can get the message out. Let me know.
What kind of pets do you have? Bird, Cat, Dog, Fish, Snake, Guinea Pig, what else? I want ro be the best pet place around some day.

But in the mean time there are a ton of articles you might enjoy, look around. Don’t worry too much about what you see at first just look around, take your time and scroll down, thanks and enjoy. . . By the way, it is very important to support our advertisers as that is what helps up to keep us gong. Just click on the ads (you actually might like them) really helps us, Please come back after doing so as we do have a lot of neat articles to offer.

We also would like to see your stories and possibly we can add those as well. Ok, I am a one man band and trying to learn this WordPress is not easy but I am learning fast as I can. I have never received a dime from any of my sites I have always done these as a labor of love. I do enjoy it but it does take a lot of time. So any help from you the readers in any way is greatly appreciated. I am not even sure the donate button works as ha ha, never received a penny. Well I could use a little help in many way as these websites (I have 5) do cost money to keep up. I spend about $1,000 a year just on keeping my sites online. Plus my time. So your help in anyway is appreciated. Stories, photos, on just about any category, you tell me what you would like to see or a category I can add, thanks.
Captain Chuck

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