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Keeping Your Pool Safe

If you’re lucky enough to have your own swimming pool you’ll know what a great idea it is. Your garden is always the social hub for the summer and you’re never short of friends who want to come over, your children are actually happy to stay at home so you can keep an eye on them and you’ve always got somewhere you can go for five minutes peace and quiet at the end of a long day. Whether you like a quick evening dip to wash away the stresses of the day or an early morning swim to set you up and get you going that pool can be a blessing. Unfortunately you can’t do any of these things if you don’t look after your pool properly. It’s not just about comfort, you’re physically not going to be able to use your pool if you don’t look after it.

You need to make sure you’re checking any hardware on a regular basis. Swimming pool filters can be easy enough to sort out but only if you notice any problems before they right off the whole pool. Pumps and filters are essential for making sure the water is safe otherwise people are going to get ill. Through the summer months when the pool is in constant use it’s essential you’re checking the water everyday. Chlorine test strips will let you know instantly whether your water levels are safe. Another key ingredient you need to be adding to your pool is an algae inhibitor but make sure you’re always using the right quantities.

Any open water can be very dangerous so you need to make sure you’re careful especially when there are small children playing. In theory swimming pools ought to be cornered off with a fence for safety reasons. Always make sure your keep your supply of swimming pool chemicals out the way on a high shelf or locked cupboard in the garage or shed where small children and animals can’t get to it.

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