What Are The Traits A Good Coach Should Have?

It’s easy being a coach. But a different matter entirely is being a good coach. This job requires showing a lot of certain psychological characteristics. In order for a coach to succeed, they need to show these traits:

Knows the discipline he’s coaching
It’s trivial, but the coach has to know ins and outs of the discipline – the rules, the history, the tactics etc. They will probably lose face when they start making mistakes because without it, they won’t be able to properly do their job.

Tries to motivate the players
This is probably the single most important trait of a good coach. If you don’t have proper motivation, then it’s likely for everything to come apart. Being a coach means leading a team of individuals in which everyone has a different personal goal. The coach’s job is give the players enough motivation to make them start doing things as good as they are able to, and turn their attention from their private matters to the pitch.

Speak only if it will get results
A good coach will only talk if there’s a good cause. If they talk too much, they will never actually be listened, so a coach is a person who should talk only when necessary – this will give their words an extra weigh.

Listening skills
It’s important for a coach to be calmer than usual as this means he is being a good listener. A good coach needs to be a surrogate parent for their team and the single most important trait to make that possible is listening.

Knowing their team
A matter that’s also very important is knowing one’s team. But matching their numbers with the names is not what this is limited to. A good coach should know everything about the professional and private life of their players.

Individually treat everyone
Treating every player individually is necessary because being a good coach means knowing everybody and doing their best to hold the place together. Talking seriously and yelling will only work on some of them. Using the same method to get everyone do what you say will surely end in breaking some of your players to pieces.

Leading by example
Finally, to become a good coach, do yourself everything that you ask others to do. Being the first on trainings and doing every single exercise they ask others to do are ways in which a good coach can lead by example.

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