Musical Dinnershows: A Fun Time For All

It is rare that a person is in the position that they are able to enjoy their entertainment options on a routine basis. Our grand parents had it made as they were able to take in a show at many of the dinner clubs in the area. Today that ritual is still alive and well thanks in part to musical dinnershows.

The one thing that can be said about these dinner clubs is that when you are attending, there is the remote option that you will become part of the show. This is a form of entertainment that many times is seen as an interactive experience that is different from going to the theatre.

It has been said that a musical dinnershow is one part dinner theater, one part vaudeville, and one part improve. This is a statement that you will soon find to be very true. As you sit comfortably enjoying cocktails you will be greeted to the club by the Master of Ceremonies and the orchestra. Comedy will follow as you enjoy your appetizers. Your appetite for entertainment will be wetted by the comedian while your pallet will be wetted by the great hors d’oeuvres.

A dance performance will be presented for you to enjoy while dining on soups and salad. These two will work together to build your anticipation for the main course as well as the main act. This is a great duo that will work well to get the anticipation built for the main attraction.

This is when the finely prepared food will be served while the main act is on. This is a popular time for the show as you are now in a receptive mood for the show and are looking forward to it. This performance is generally one of the highlights of the entire show; you will want to take the time to enjoy all that is offered to you.

After the performance, dancing will usually be a suitable way to end a fun filled evening. There is nothing like taking to the dance floor with the one that you love for a couple of numbers. This is a great way to end an excellent night of entertainment.

An evening with a musical dinnershow or so called “animatie feest” is one that will leave you satisfied both in terms in physical hunger and in your hunger to be entertained in a way that is just plain good fun. Remember that the dress is business casual to lightly formal and that reservations are often required. After the show the club generally stays open for more dancing and cocktails till midnight or one so make an evening of it.

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