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Captain Chuck


This site has had over 34 million visitors since I added a counter within the last 5 years.



Hello, my name is Captain Chuck. Yes a true boat Captain since 1985. I have done serious cruising in my time as well as operated vessels in many states in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, etc. Alaska (King Crabbing in the 70’s), Aleutian Islands Alaska, Inside Passage Alaska & Canada, San Juan Islands Canada, San Juan Islands Washington State, Washington State, Oregon, California, Mexico, Florida, South Padre Island, Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida, Little Bahama Banks, The Bahamas, Freeport Bahamas, Nassau.

I worked in the King Crab Industry in Alaska for 6 seasons (years) and I am still here. Yes I have lost friends and know of a lot of men gone down. I am Lucky to not have had any serious injuries. They don’t call that working in Alaska in the commercial fishing and King Crab Industry  “THE MOST DANGEROUS JOB IN THE WORLD” for nothing, it is true and a fact. I also have owned and operated many vessels and run vessels from Alaska, to the Bahamas. I have also cruised all the way down to Panama, and other places.

I just want to be happy and make others happy. I have been trying or get this website to be a premium website for many years. Wow, lots of work. I am not a professional website builder. Trying to make a living and trying to figure out how to build a website is not easy. I owned and started this website at the beginning of the internet, way back when. This is one of the first websites ever built by me. I also started Web World USA about the same time. I also started “Cruising Water World” at about the same time, way back when. I just never had the time to make them what I envisioned them to be. maybe now I can give it a good try. I have never made a penny off any of my websites, this one included. But i need to to keep these websites going. Any and all help appreciated.

Advertising is the next step on the horizon. Since I now have a really good growing following and top exposure on the internet, I feel that any advertiser will receive top exposure. So possible advertisers take a look at my beginning advertising rates. They will be very low to start and see how it goes. So if you want in now while the rates are very low, please do so and you will be well rewarded. You can see all the many Categories that are available and there will be many more in the near future. For writers, please send me your stories and i will give you credit. Thanks.

Other website names I own: “”, “”, “”, “”, “”, “”, “”. I have built some of these websites using WordPress and I have built some of the websites using Dreamweaver.

If you are interested to possibly own or partner with me on any of these website names, please let me know. Some may be for sale at the right price and some may be partnered. I personally believe that besides being a fun project that many of these website or all? can make some serious money if done right. I have never made a penny from any of these websites, ever, actually never tried. They have been a labor of love all these years. Now comes the time when I need to bring in more income as I need websites builders to help me. I need professional help to bring some of these websites to professional levels, and standings with advertisers, etc. I want to promote many companies with great editorial and exposure.

I am trying to make all these sites fun for all, but way to much work for me being a one man band. Any ideas, let me know. Partners? Other ideas? Very valuable website names I have been told. Magic at webworldusa dot com is one of my email addresses. I have not figured out how to embed my email addresses to prevent spammers.

Thanks, Captain Chuck



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