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There is an auction coming, or best offer.
I can’t  maintain this website the way it needs to be maintained.
It needs more money and people to help me.

So unless I can get some help, I am going to auction it off
with some other of my websites.
This site has evolved to much more then I anticipated.
It has incredible potential. I am
getting at least 50 new registered users daily now.
It needs a team and I can’t afford a team. Are you interested
to partner up with me. I would offer (coming soon)
email me if any interest.

Hello and first off that beautiful sailboat is not mine (I wish) and it has nothing to do with my world record event, I just like the picture and I hope you like it as well.

Thanks for visiting my World Record Breaking Event website. I have this dream. I want to break the World Record for the xxxxxx in the World. It will be held in an incredible place, on an incredible day and I’m sure world wide coverage. What I will do is incredibly unique. This process will take up to 2 years to put together. I will need many people to help with this project. I will seek help when the time comes.

In the mean time I want to have a ton of good interesting information and articles about many things. You are more then welcome to send in your informative articles and comments. I will review them for content that fits our program, no smut junk thank you.

Please let me know if you are interested to do some part time work. I need technical help with this website and others I have. You must be local here in the Coachella Valley, California. Thanks. email here

OK, Something BIG is coming, hopefully soon. You need to come back and visit. Nothing like it and you will love it no matter where you live in the U.S. Not being a website designer it is taking me a lot longer then I thought to get this site together. This site is changing rapidly to be one of the best site around. This is awesome and you will love it. 

But please while you are here, just look around this ever changing website. You just may find some very interesting things to see as well as editorial about some very neat stuff. So if you see this site changing that’s what it is supposed to do. It will continue to change as I take this site to greater heights. Drop a line and tell me what you think and what you would like to see here. I’m doing all I can to try to fund my World Record Breaking Event.

So please bear with me. One of these days it will be a super-site. Look around, many neat articles. Do you have an article to share with my readers? Please to share to the world, send it me via email as I am doing all this alone. thanks.

The reason for this site (besides trying to get funding for my World Record Event, is to bring up-to-date facts and interesting subjects, interesting and neat stories and editorial (and many other things) to the people and to try to find backer(s) to fund this World Record Event project as well as let the public know about this in advance. I will be needing many people to help me do this, and it does not matter where you live. So you may want to volunteer. There are many ways you can help and more on that later. If you can pass this on to people that might be interested to help please do. I am having trouble so far getting my email to work properly, so if it does not work for you please copy or write down the email, thanks.


You will find much more about the big deal upcoming “World Record Event” when ??? soon. But there are many very good articles that you may enjoy while you are here. And for those writers, you are more then welcome to send your articles to me. I will read and publish it if it is appropriate for this site and of course give you the credits. I will have sports, tennis, golf, how-to articles, cooking, health, and much more.

It is hard to continue development and support for this free website without contributions from users like you. If you enjoy World Record Event and find it useful and entertaining, please consider making a donation.
Your donation will help encourage and support the plugin’s continued development and better user support.

MORE COMING SOON – What do you want to see? Let me know.

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Music Lessons

Tell me what YOU want to see !

I’m into guitar and into Spanish / Flemenco Guitar right now. Guitar playing is lots of fun whatever your choice of music. But learning can be difficult and you need to have patience. One of the hardest things I have found is getting your fingers toughened up as my hurt to begin with. That may take a bit of time but I go around banging my left hand fingers on hard walls, hard things ( I am right handed) to get them toughened up.

If you like or dislike or have anything of value to add to my website please let me know any stories, any articles that are great viewing for anyone.
No sex, no smut, no garbage please, just a waste of time as it will not wind up on this website.
What would you like to see here if you see what you like? Send it in thanks.

My Other Websitesplumeria4u.com – plumerialover.com –  cruisingwaterworld.com

I believe that making this website is the way for me to get to the people that can help me with my World Record Event… I have never known how to get to the “Right People”. Who might that be?

Richard Branson – Virgin Atlantic, Bill Gates – Microsoft, Amancio Ofrtega – Zara, Warren Buffet – Berkshire Hathaway, Carlos Slim Helu – Telecom, Jeff Bezos – Amazon, Mark Zuckerberg – Facebook, Larry Ellison – Oracle, Michael Bloomberg – Bloomberg LP, Charles Koch – Diversified, Charles Koch – Diversified, Ingvar Kamprad – IKEA. Thats’s the top 10 richest people in the world.  See 400 Wealthiest USA. Does it take the richest in the world to make my “World Record Event” happen, no it does not but it does take money. There are many people that could make this happen. Your support can make this happen. The public in general.

The idea is to try through this method to get a meeting with a company or a person that can finance this event. He or she will find that this event will bring in a lot of incredible exposure and great advertising opportunities. Millions of dollars will be spent on advertising during this event. In the mean time I am soliciting donations and or advertising at low rates. This event will be such a big deal, and be held in such a super place, on a very super day.

Look around, you will find some very interesting articles. Look over at the “Recent Posts”, great articles. Do you have something to contribute, please do and send them to me. Be patient if I don’t reply right away as I am still learning how.

We are accepting advertising now at a very low rate $50 for 3 months, and that is for a 4″ x 4″ ad (send me the ad so we can approve it and then you can go to our Paypal button and pay, thank you. Send to: Please contact me if you are interested. For those that are with me now your rate will not change as long as you update your payment every year. .Don’t forget to those that may want to help, I do have a donate button, and thank you very much.

You can scroll through the different settings. I are getting about 2,000 plus visitors a day or more. We expect that to continue growing as we add more content. Advertise now while at a low rate, just click on the donate button and you will see more choices, advertising included.

World Record Event
Thank you for any help.


Here’s something for any Guitar fans and players. This guy is really a great guy and great teacher. His name is Brian, please check it out. All free unless you want to sign up.


My gift to you as I get nothing for sending you to him. But if you do go and if you were to mention that Captain Chuck sent you that would be awesome. Have fun. You will love his free lessons and more.

Free Guitar Lesson

“What Child Is This?” – Greensleeves Guitar Lesson

Weekly Guitar Lesson – EP232

Happy Tuesday pickers. I hope your week is off to a good start!

I thought I’d share last Friday’s guitar lesson with you to help put you in the Christmas spirit. I always do a Christmas song just after Thanksgiving to give you enough time to learn it it and play it for family and friends during the holiday (if you’re so inclined).


You will see an area in the Paypal Button is where you will find how to pay to advertise. All ads for now 4″x4″ $50 a year. Also in the Paypal button you can find additional choices to donate. I will also be needing many people to help with this event in the near future. I live in Southern California but wherever you live you can help. Much more on this later. Please be patience as I am continually growing this website and my other websites.

PAGES to visit – Classifieds – Palm Springs California – LPGA – PGA – Charities – Sports – Religion – Sports – Cruising – Articles – Fishing

As soon as the World Record Event does get started with some serious funding it will be published here and all over the world. This is such a big deal that you and I have to be patient and you will know one day soon how awesome it will be. It will be one of the largest “World Record Breaking Events” and one of hte largest websites to ever happen. I need help, I need an investor so I can hire some help. Most everyone in the USA and the World will know for this event. We will on most every talk shows. It will take about 1-2 years to put together once it starts.

If you happen to be associated with a company or are an individual with interest in this event by advertising or by making a large donation, please contact me.
The advertising rates during the actually event will be expensive (advertising on the actual event) and once this happens you will see why. You will get enormous exposure with this event. During the approximately year to two years to be together, my sponsors will get their exposure and during the event, awesome exposure.  It will be an all day World Record Breaking Event that will be in an awesome setting and time of the year where thousands of people will be able to see the event plus the TV exposure.
Thanks for stopping by and please bookmark this site, as many things will be happening here that will knock your socks off. Big things are coming soon.

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